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Heves - History of the town
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Heves is a town of 12000 inhabitants. Its name is often heard in studies of Hungarian history and arts. Heves was a place for the Parliament in 1271 and thus gave its name to Heves County. The Turks ravaged Heves repeatedly in the16th century. Royal and imperial noblemen also sold it back and forth to one another. It was a starving, isolated village in the times of epidemic diseases. Soviet General Headquarters was located in Heves during World War II., when the Soviet Army besieged Budapest and Vienna.

Sándor Bródy, a famous Hungarian author spent his childhood in our town, while Lujza Blaha, who is called the nightingale of the nation, was often our guest. József Hevesi the cantor and well-known composer of folk songs was actually one of the inhabitants of our town. His songs made the name of Heves well-known throughout the country.

The Folk Art of Heves is world-famous. Being exported and sold around the world, the workers of the Handicraft Co-operative have renewed the appreciation of embroidered and unique woven pieces of the Palóc folk art. Having adjusted to the styles and needs of our times, the women make modern products as well.

Walking in the city centre, the tourists can take a rest under the large chestnut trees in the park. There is a marvellous view from the park benches of statues in memory of the martyrs of World Wars I. and II. The visitors are enchanted with the windows of the Catholic Church.

Taking a further walk, they can visit one of the rare Chess Museums in the world, where they are able to admire unique exhibits.

On market days our guests can idle among the busy crowds of townsfolk and neighbouring people strolling through the tents and vegetable stalls.

Discovering secrets of our town is only an added bonus to the visitors, who come to relax and enjoy our hot springs. When asked, our sunbathing German or Dutch guests will definitely say that they have chosen Heves for their holiday because of the unique opportunity to truly relax. Its mood is set by the entire town.

One of the unique peculiarities in nature, which is found nearby the town, is the Land Protecting Region of Heves Grass Plains. It is a habitat and a hiding place for many rare and endangered species of birds.

Not only are the tourists welcomed with the remarkable natural endowments, but also entrepreneurs, as they are provided with excellent investment opportunities.

The development of the communal facilities is 80-95% on the area of the town. Heves won the title of An Industrial Park in 2006. There is an Industrial Park 28 hectare in size (about 12 acres), from it 18 hectares (about 8 acres) are available for field investment. The innovative agricultural- foodstuffs enterprises, a processing industry, an engineering industry as well as a light industrial firm are all expected to settle here, as the environment of Heves suits these industries advantageously. We are planning to provide different services for these firms, such as office services, area checking, informatics services, book-keeping, consultation and so on.

Inside the Industrial Park the plant of the former BERVA Share Company is almost empty and unused. It is easily accessible to both cars and lorries. There is a 300 square-metre-hall as well as two other halls, which are 111 square metres each on the 6-hectare area (about 24 acres). There are service buildings as well, such as offices and stores. As the plant is a part of the Industrial Park, there is a possibility for further development.

Other possibilities for the field investment are available in the form of a 12-hectare area (4.8 acres) from the community. It is near the residential area of Heves and all the utilities are available within 200 metres (about 180 yards).

The community may provide various forms of local tax allowances for the investing companies, such as the trade or building taxes. However, this is handled on an individual basis and the decision is made by the Corporation of Representatives.

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